Renters Guide to Cabo San Lucas

Visiting Cabo San Lucas - A Guide for Renters in Cabo and San Jose del Cabo


Cabo San Lucas - Pedregal and El Arco

Cabo San Lucas is well-known for its water-based activities, beaches, and exciting nightlife. This popular and exotic destination is located on the southern end of Mexico's Baja California peninsula.

When visiting Cabo San Lucas, you can experience its extensive white sandy beaches, historic sites, and the famous "El Arco" or rock arch that sits at the point of Lands End.

Most travelers who visit Cabo San Lucas enjoy snorkeling, swimming, diving, and boating, as the ocean waters are warm and teaming with life. Cabo is one of the world's top destinations for sport fishing, with the world-famous Bisbee fishing tournament held every year in the town. 

San Jose del Cabo, located about 20-miles up the coast from Cabo, closer to the airport, has become a hotspot for artists and galleries. It has a quieter, more cultural vibe that Cabo San Lucas, with excellent restaurants small artisanal businesses in its downtown piazza area. 

Travelers who enjoy guided tours will get to experience learning about the history of each area, many activities, the local shops, and the unique beaches.

Additionally, travelers can visit the Museum of Natural History in Cabo San Lucas, and this museam contains many exhibits that examine the area's geological history, archaeological sites, many types of animals, and distinctive artifacts.

Cabo San Lucas Lands End - Exotic Estates

Arriving in Cabo San Lucas International Airport

The Los Cabos International Airport is situated within 4.5 miles of Cabo San Lucas. Once guests arrive at the transportation hub, the visitors can easily rent vehicles, schedule guided tours, examine nearby attractions, and visit kiosks that offer information.

Various reports have indicated that at least 5.2 million guests visit the Los Cabos International Airport annually. During 2020, more than 5.9 million travelers will arrive at the transportation hub.

Cabo San Lucas Airport - Welcome Cabo Vacation Rentals

Renting Vehicles in the Area

Currently, more than ten businesses offer rental cars in the area, and guests may rent compact vehicles, large sedans, distinctive sports cars, or spacious vans. For renters, a car is a must, as it allows you to get out and explore as well as make runs to the store for groceries and alchohol.

You will be able to pick up a rental car right inside the airport at Los Cabos International. So if you’ve rented, you can take care of everything right there.

When traveling throughout Cabo San Lucas, it's best to consider renting a compact vehicle as it can substantially reduce the costs of gas and quickly get you around town.

Rental Cars - Cautionary Note

Beware –  the laws are very different in Mexico and there are many fees associated that are not clear when renting over websites. Do not go by the pricing you see online, as it's advisable to purchase insurance on the ground. Renters can just select collision but most experts agree that it is ill advised.  

Delivery of Cars to Your Home Rental

At the time of villa inspection visit, the total cost of the insurance, damage and liability, ran about $40 U.S. per day.  We rented a very basic four-door car through Avis. We selected Avis because they have a program that delivers cars directly to you in your vacation rental.  In sum we paid around $90 per day.

In our case, Avis delivered the car to the villa that served as our home base, Casa Cortez Beach Villa. The villa is located in a private neighborhood in San Jose del Cabo, the was delivered to us the night we arrived – it was very convenient and we strongly recommend!

Driving to Cabo San Lucas

Once a visitor leaves the Los Cabos International Airport, the guest could choose a scenic route that is especially close to historical attractions, or a visitor may drive on a toll road that can improve efficiency. When guests drive on the toll road, the total cost could slightly exceed $3.50, yet if visitors travel to San Jose Del Cabo, the price may be less than $1.70. When a guest chooses the scenic route, the road may increase the duration of the trip by around five minutes.

Cabo San Lucas Highway - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Withdrawing Cash in Cabo

The broader Los Cabos areas contains many automated teller machines that are located in well-known stores, and many local businesses will accept U.S. dollars. When visitors withdraw funds, most ATM machines may charge small fees, yet according to several reports, the fees are significantly lower than in other countries.

Stocking Up at Costco or Local Grocery Store

If you are searching for a nearby grocery store, you can visit Costco, which outside of town. For villa renters Costco is a must, as it has all the staples you are used to at home, plus wonderful local items. There is fresh fish, salsa, fruits and veges.

The store also sells clothes, accessories, many types of electronics, and local foods.

Cabo San Lucas Costco - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Visiting Medano Beach

Playa El Medano is a well-known destination situated near the Bahia San Lucas and known to be Cabo's main beach. When visiting Medano Beach, you could either enjoy the variety of restaurants and bars located alongside the shoreline or choose to play outdoors under the warm Baja sun.

Whether you like to snorkel, sail, kayak, or paraglide, there's plenty of fun outdoor activities for you to experience when visiting Medano Beach.


Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Exploring Mount Solmar

When you travel to Mount Solmar, you can visit an overlook that offers picturesque views, and you could observe unique rock formations, the city's historical district, many types of boats, and the nearby marina. Mount Solmar features various trails for hikers of all levels. Whether you are a first-time hiker or avid hiker, this mountain's trails make climbing the hill easy for every visitor. According to one estimate, more than 80,000 travelers visit Mount Solmar during each year; however, many guests do not climb Mount Solmar.

Getting Close to the Arch  or "El Arco" of Cabo San Lucas

As Capri has the Blue Grotto, Cabo has El Arco. This distinctive rock formation was created more than 8,000 years ago, and various experts have suggested that hurricanes and large waves have modified the rock formation. The sizable rock is made of granite, but the fast-moving water has consistently eroded the dense material. The rock formation is located near the city's southern section, and you could rent a boat to visit this unique attraction.

Cabo San Lucas Arches - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Touring the Museum of Natural History in Cabo San Lucas

This sizable facility features exhibits that describe the area's geological features. Some of the exhibits evaluate the nearby wetlands, the area's sediment, multiple mountains, unique rock formations, and the seabed. Visitors can examine exhibits that describe many types of animals, and some displays evaluate whales, sharks, various kinds of fish, and many species of birds. Guests could also study unique habitats, numerous biomes, and many ecosystems.

Visitors could view exhibits that are related to astronomy, and the facility offers educational programs that examine unique stars, many comets, several types of asteroids, and astronomical observatories. Various exhibits also describe planets that are situated within the solar system.

The Golden Cactus Gallery was established in 1997, and this beautiful facility contains unique artwork, multiple types of sculptures, distinctive drawings, and historical images. During the last 23 years, more than 20 artists have created unique artwork for the Golden Cactus Gallery. According to several estimates, the facility attracts more than 150,000 visitors annually, and the Golden Cactus Gallery is conveniently situated within a large shopping mall.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

When divers explore the beautiful waters, the divers may observe whales, sharks, dolphins, and tuna. Many visitors could also see manta rays, which regularly swim near the seabed.

The Sea of Cortez contains many species of turtles, and divers could observe loggerhead turtles, which are currently endangered. The loggerhead turtles can have a length of more than 3 feet. Each animal could weigh more than 250 pounds, and the turtles can swim quickly while the animals are foraging.

 When snorkeler and divers visit the area, many divers see leatherback turtles, and these animals could have a weight of more than 1,200 pounds. The animal's length can exceed 7 feet, and the leatherback turtles could swim at a speed of 5 miles per hour. The leatherback turtles have distinctive shells that differentiate the animals from other turtles. Usually, each turtle shell features seven unique ridges, and this design can optimize the shell's durability.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkel - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Exploring El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve

Established in 1988, the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve is located to the north of Cabo San Lucas, and the beautiful preserve contains endangered animals, many types of whales, numerous species of birds, and unique plants. The area also features historical structures that attract thousands of guests each month. If visitors schedule guided tours, the experienced guides would describe the area's history, the unique shrubs, the climatic conditions, and environmental factors that affect the preserve.

Visiting the Diamante Cabo San Lucas

This beautiful golf course features a coastline that has a length of almost 2 miles, and the golf course is located near extensive sand dunes. Throughout the last 20 years, many famous golfers have visited this unique golf course. According to several reports, the golf course has received more than 5,000 outstanding reviews since 2010, and many reviews describe the nearby hills, the historical structures, and the beautiful lagoons. The golf course is ideally located near Route 19, and once you leave Los Cabos International Airport, you can choose a route that has a length of around 8 miles. When you arrive at the golf course, you could also follow Diamante Boulevard, which is situated near extensive beaches.

Playing Golf 

Cabo Del Sol Golf is a sizable golf course that is located to the east of Cabo San Lucas. When travelers visit the facility, the guests can play golf near an extensive coastline that features unique rock formations. The beautiful golf course also contains large lakes, many types of trees, pristine lagoons, and small roads. Throughout the last ten years, the golf course has received more than 1,100 excellent reviews, and according to several estimates, at least 228,000 guests visit the golf course each year.

Snorkeling Off the Buccaneer Queen

This sizable boat was constructed during 1968, and the beautiful ship offers numerous types of tours in the area. Once guests schedule their visits, the visitors can see extensive coastlines, gorgeous lagoons, distinctive rock formations, and a variety of whales. While the boat is sailing, the guests could also watch the sunset, or visitors may enjoy snorkeling in waters that contain sizable reefs.

Cabo San Lucas Buccaneer Queen Snorkel- Welcome Cabo Rentals

Visiting Wild Canyon's Kingdom

When guests explore this unique sanctuary, the visitors can observe distinctive iguanas, sizable crocodiles, numerous prairie dogs, and rare birds. Generally, the tourists may interact with many types of animals, and the visitors could feed select animals during their guided tours. The sanctuary contains various kinds of parrots, and these distinctive birds can repeat words, make unique gestures, and improve each interaction.

During the last 15 years, the sanctuary has received at least 2,000 favorable reviews. Many residents frequently visit the unique reserve, and the sanctuary's managers can regularly bring additional animals into the reserve.

Traveling to Chileno Beach

If you want to relax near a beautiful coastline, you can visit Chileno Beach, which is located to the north of the city. Chileno Beach contains many signs that help visitors to navigate the area, and Chileno Beach has several wooden walkways, numerous kiosks, and secluded locations. Generally, travelers can avoid large crowds during the weekdays, and once guests schedule guided tours, the travelers could explore the surrounding area, visit secluded inlets, observe marine animals and explore nearby hills that offer picturesque views.

Visiting San Jose Del Cabo

This small town is situated within 20 miles of the city, and when visitors travel to the area, the guests may visit the Flora Farms, the Club Campestre San Jose, the Puerto Los Cabos Golf Course, and the Costa Azul Beach. The town attracts fewer tourists than the large cities, and consequently, guests can easily visit many destinations, examine local traditions, explore secluded reserves and visit uncrowded golf courses. Additionally, the town is especially close to the Camino Cabo Este, and this long highway allows visitors to reach nearby towns easily.

Many guests frequently explore the Estero San Jose, which is a beautiful reserve that features many trails. This preserve contains wooden walkways, extensive wetlands, tropical birds, and several inlets. Many guests enjoy kayaking through the reserve, and the visitors may observe nearby mountains, rare birds, and multiple types of shrubs. The reserve also contains many turtles that frequently walk near the winding trails. Moreover, the preserve features historical statues that are located near the beach.

San Jose Del Cabo - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Exploring the Town Square

The city has a unique town square that contains a historical church, and this beautiful church was constructed in 1730. The structure was modified during the 19th century, yet the church features an ancient design, several towers, unique windows, and a historical bell. The church is located near the Plaza Amelia Wilkes, and when guests visit the Plaza Mijares, the visitors can easily walk to the church.

The Plaza Mijares is located in the town's central section, and this district features local shops, historical sites, and numerous statues. During each year, visitors can attend many events in the Plaza Mijares, and some events celebrate the area's history, the local traditions, beautiful artwork, the accomplishments of residents, and numerous holidays. When you visit the nearby shops, you can also meet local residents who frequently travel to Plaza Mijares, and you could see beautiful fountains, a picturesque gazebo, and historical monuments.

San Jose Del Cabo - Welcome Cabo Rentals

Exploring the San Jose Estuary

This beautiful reserve is situated to the south of East Cape Road, and the distinctive reserve features long trails, small inlets, wooden walkways, and wetlands. Guests can observe many birds, tropical trees, and multiple types of fish. The reserve also contains wooden walkways that are positioned above the wetlands, and the area features two towers that allow visitors to observe the birds.

Visiting the Faro Viejo

This destination features an old lighthouse that is located near a golf course. The lighthouse was constructed in 1905, and the distinctive structure is especially close to the Sea of Cortez. The tower is connected to a broad foundation that has a unique design, and the designers ensured that the structure could withstand hurricanes and floods. Currently, the lighthouse is the oldest structure in the area.